Red Jungle has a Speaker at TechEd NZ Conference - September 4 - 7

by Matthew Hintzen on 18. July 2012 12:01

And that would be Me.  I submitted two talk submissions, and they picked them both up.

The first one is

Live Tiles; The Good, The Great and The Ugly

Track: Building Metro Style Apps: Windows 8 and Windows Phone

Session Type: Breakout Session

Live Tiles are all the new rage and talk of the world in WP7 and with Windows 8 release just around the corner they are going to become even more important to your software. Your users are going to come to expect your live tile to actually be alive and meaningful. To do a Live Tile correctly however takes planning and an understanding of the Metro Experience Live Tile update architecture and life cycle. I'm hoping to help you to make sure your Live Tile is Great and plays well with Metro. In this session you will discover what makes for a good Live Tile, a bad Live Tile, and a "just don't do that". We'll walk thru

  • determining what should be on a Live Tile (and what shouldn't)
  • How to make the tile engaging and informative without being distracting.
  • Creating a Web Service that feeds the Live Tile in the way that best works with the Metro UI life cycle.
  • Audience Participation will be greatly appreciated!


Many of the Live Tile examples that are currently out there that show you "how" to do Live Tiles are not Best Practice! We look thru some not so good examples and really understand WHY they are should be avoided. For Live Tiles to be useful to the End Users we must use our great power with great responsibility

And the next one is:

WP7 Silverlight DataBinding:

How exactly do you do that?

Track: Building Metro Style Apps: Windows 8 and Windows Phone

Session Type: Breakout Session

We have all seen how Databinding works in WPF and in Silverlight, you work in Expression Blend, you do some binding... but what REALLY is going on. How does this binding work, how are contexts set up?

I set out to pull back the curtain on the magic and help you to fully understand the significant amount of plumbing that is taken care of for you with {binding Name} an why sometimes it seems to work and other times...

We will be concentrating on just how the binding works / what the notation means. Attendants will need to be very familiar with Entity Frameworks, SQL CE 3.5 local storage, Linq and Lambda notation to follow the demos. A cursory understanding of MVVM pattern concepts is also recommended.

I hope to see you all there.